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In the 1970’s auto body shops were looking for a cleaner, better place to paint. Automotive was the first ground-breaking division of the Accudraft spray booth brand with the introduction of modular steel spray booth systems made in Italy. European automotive technology is always ahead of the U.S. learning curve and in 1977, it was no different. Shops and auto makers were looking for a better answer to finishing automobiles and trucks. And Accudraft was a pioneer in getting them the answer.

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Accudraft was among the first to introduce the downdraft auto body paint booth to the industry almost 30 years ago. Prior to the advances in paint booth technology coming out of Europe (specifically Italy), a paint booth was rarely more than a well lit room with an exhaust fan. Accudraft took it a step further and developed an ultra-clean environment built on grates that breathed from underneath the vehicle. Coupled with heat and automatic processes like flash, bake, and cool down cycles Accudraft quickly became the premier spray booth brand for auto body professionals in the U.S.

Accudraft spray booths have been setting the standard for automotive spray booth technology for over 30 years. Engineered & manufactured in Italy since 1977, Accudraft products push the envelope of accepted technologies and are regarded as one of the highest quality finishing systems available in the world. Each product meets the highest European standards for finishing efficiency and clean room environments. All structural materials and working parts are carefully selected and engineered to achieve the most rugged product construction and highest durability ratings in the industry. Accudraft has had a steadfast commitment to their products since the very beginning. Investments are constantly made to improve their machines in order to give the buyer a higher and faster return on investment through faster curing speeds and consistent performance.