Junair 4 Series

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Platinum Finishing Systems is a subsidiary of WSES, we at PFS specialize in Paint Booths and auto repair equipment, we are the leading Northern California Paint Booth Dealer. Our operations include distributing top of the line paint booth equipment, air compressors, air lines and shop design, We cater to small businesses, mid to large auto body and painting shops, manufacturing facilities, the aerospace industry and large Truck manufacturers. Our services include: Sales, Installation, permit, repair and Lay out designs. Please CONTACT US for a free quote.


Technologically ADVANCED iSystem Controls

This internationally patented system insures that your work will be sprayed, flashed and cured completely, more quickly and with less energy usage than any other system available today. The Color Touch Screen controls combine PLC and HMI technology to offer easy user programmed control of the spray booth. The unrivaled precision with which heat and airflow are controlled creates an environment where paint can be cured harder and faster than ever before.

EXTREME Energy Efficiency

Other booths claim to save energy by including an additional feature or two. Through the use of fuel saver mode, the 4 Series booths operate for less than Half of cost of other booths on the market. The 4 Series utilizes energy efficient twin variable frequency drives (VFD'S) with four motor speeds. The drives communicate with the booths' control system resulting in tiered baking capabilities so they operate exactly as you want them to for every type of finish. This translates into superior quality work, increased throughput in the shop and energy savings that you can actually calculate.

QADs Auxiliary Air Movement System

This is standard on the 4 Series. The QADs system introduces additional airflow from the corners of the spray booth cabin. The clean, filtered and heated air delivered by QADs provides the ideal environment for the fast, CONTROLLED flash off of waterborne paints as well as low VOC top coats.


The 4 Series incorporates an extra wide fully filtered ceiling providing superior downdraft airflow. Overspray is removed from the booth up to 50% faster than any other booths with standard sized ceiling filters.

RADIANT Lighting

The Junair 4 Series boasts the latest technology in lighting with the Ultralux lighting design. Energy efficient T5 Fluorescent bulbs and high frequency electronic components combine to reduce energy costs. Lighting levels of up to 1500 lumens are consistently achieved anywhere light readings are taken in the booth.