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Platinum Finishing Systems is a subsidiary of WSES, we at PFS specialize in Paint Booths and auto repair equipment, we are the leading Northern California Paint Booth Dealer. Our operations include distributing top of the line paint booth equipment, air compressors, air lines and shop design, We cater to small businesses, mid to large auto body and painting shops, manufacturing facilities, the aerospace industry and large Truck manufacturers. Our services include: Sales, Installation, permit, repair and Lay out designs. Please CONTACT US for a free quote.



The Spray-Tech Premier Down Draft spray booth is designed to exceed the highest standards set for production paint booths. The double wall cabin comes fully insulated, and is powder coated white inside and out. Standard configurations include drive in/back out, drive thru, or with side load doors. The modular construction allows for extended lengths, and can be easily customized.


All Spray-Tech Premier spray booths include deluxe ETL listed, energy efficient high output light fixtures. Our exclusive mirrored reflector intensifies the light generated by our color corrected, 32 Watt, T-8 tubes into the spray booth and onto your work. Horizontal inside access side wall and hip lighting ensures perfect illumination.


The Spray-Tech Premier Down Draft spray booth comes complete with high quality roof blanket intake air filters, and easily replaceable floor exhaust media.

Roof blanket filters are installed in rigid hinged filter frames, with positive pressure locking edges. Air entering the booth is balanced through the integrated internal plenum providing even distribution over the vehicle. Pre-filters are standard equipment, which greatly increases the life cycle of the roof filters.

Floor exhaust filters are industry standard, high capacity disposable media, and are readily replaced for minimum downtime. A two meter wide double row pit comes standard with an upgradable full filtered floor. The upgrade has the option of a basement with internal or external ramps.


Booth heating comes from an ETL listed 1 (or 1.5) Million BTU direct fired furnace. This energy saving burner instantly delivers as much heat as required, so savings are realized every time the unit is used. Full re-circulation during the bake cycle further increases fuel efficiency, and its' modular design allows the unit to be mounted in various configurations.


All booth functions are operated and monitored through the Speed Convection Control System, which can be placed in any convenient area. Individual controls are located behind an industrial strength poly-carbonate keypad, which can be easily cleaned. The large backlit digital display includes eight different settings, including pre-set spray, flash, purge, bake, and cool off cycles. Additional functions can be field programmed to further tailor the system to meet individual paint manufacturers' specifications.

Automatic timers record booth usage, providing an overview of production hours. This information allows for review of booth productivity, overall cost of operation, and equipment maintenance.

Additional features include a filter monitoring sensor to indicate when intake and exhaust filters need to be changed, energy saving components to deactivate lighting and compressed air during the bake cycle, and a total system shut down at the end of the cool down cycle.

The central feature of the Spray-Tech system are (2) fan speed controllers (variable frequency drives), which automatically monitor and maintain booth cabin pressure. This ensures maximum booth performance, and allows for a "soft start" of the blower motors (which will lessen electrical demands and increase motor life).