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Solvent Recyclers for the Automotive Industry
DC100G - Continuous Mode
20 Gallon Tank, 240V
Tank Capacity: 20 US Gal (80 litres), Stainless Steel
Volume: Approximately 100 Gal (400 Litres) per week
Solvent Transfer: Auto-transfer, in and out
Air Pressure: Min 85 PSI, unit complete with pressure
regulator and filter
Power Supply: 240V (Also available in 200, 220 and 230V)
Heater: Explosion Proof, Sealed, Direct Heating
Dimensions: 47 x 30 x 44" (WDH)
Weight: 450 LB
Enhanced Control Features and Digital Display: Easy settings for:
• dryer waste residue
• dryer waste residue
• dryer waste residue
• automatic or timed heater shut-off
• maximum temperature set points in °F or °C
• regulatation of the rate of recycling using heating power percentage